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Are quality problems costing your business money? Probably. Did you know that costs related to poor product/service quality could be costing you as much as 20% of your total revenue?

It’s true: scrap and rework costs, returns, time spent handling claims and complaints, and worse, loss of business and reputation from dissatisfied customers, all add up to significant losses that may not be apparent from the P&L.

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But we can help you. Whether you need advice on how to locate and control those costs, hands on assistance for projects you or your quality staff don’t have time to tackle, or training in proven techniques for solving quality problems, Rowe Quality Services is here to help you.

We are consultants in quality improvement, quality assurance, and quality control, based in Indianapolis, serving central Indiana and beyond. We don't focus on the buzzwords or acronyms: TQC (total quality control), TQM (total quality management), etc. We focus on the benefits of improved quality and how you can get them.

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