Data and Analysis Services

Statistical Analysis

Are you plagued with too much data and too little information? Tired of trying in vain to make sense of long columns of numbers? We can help.

Using statistical tools, we can help you make sense of your business data. We can help you identify trends, determine if data is homogeneous or composed of distinct groupings, tell if the "after" group is really better than the "before".

We can help you determine where the problems are and help you recognize the clues that will let you solve them.

Statistical Programming

Do you have complex analyses that need to be repeated periodically for different sets of data? Do you need to be able to produce weekly or monthly reports that take many steps in a spreadsheet? We can help.

Using R, a sophisticated statistical computing tool and programming environment, we can help you to automate your analyses.

We can free you up to think about the answers rather than spending your time manipulating the data.

Data Extraction and Conversion

Do you have data in different formats, produced by different incompatible programs, that you need to combine to see the full picture? Is part of your information in spreadsheets, part in databases, part in reports from an MRP or ERP system? We can help.

Using programming languages such as PHP, C, or C++ and database manipulation tools like SQL, we can extract data from where it lives and convert it to a format that can be analyzed directly or imported into another tool for analysis.

We can give you access to information that is hiding in plain sight.